When taking photographs of landscapes with your Nikon Z7 II, you should experiment with different viewpoints

Changing the way you approach your landscape photography as well as the perspective from which you take pictures can generate some beautiful outcomes. Investigating the smaller, more intricate elements and patterns, as well as the textures and the way everything interacts within the image, may really help you discover a new universe in terms of your photography.

Because there are so many different ways to explore your practice in this day and age, including the use of drones for capturing top-down shots and those vantage points that are difficult to or impossible to reach, the possibilities of expanding your landscape photography skills are virtually endless.

When looking at a wider vista, it is easy to miss the delicate details and textures that can be captured by photographing the landscape details with a longer focal length lens, such as a 100-400mm lens. However, this can be a really rewarding way to experience the scene because you are capturing these details and textures.

Wider focal lengths, such as a 14-30mm lens, which are meant to capture close-up work details can also present a different perspective, and it’s possible that it’s one that you haven’t considered before.

We all have our own individual conceptions of what it is that we seek in a setting, but in order to make progress, we all require that initial spark of creativity. Michael Shainblum has provided you with a brand new video in which he walks you through his thought process and demonstrates how some of these concepts were put into reality during his recent trip to Iceland.

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