Nikon Z7ii The Best Camera For Wildlife Photography Review

Considering Z7ii for your nature photography? Then you have found the video that you’ve been hunting for all along!

In this video, I’ll talk about my experience using the 7ii for photographing animals and the outdoors. This isn’t just a short test and review that I did in the afternoon; I shot in a number of different local sites and took over 7000 pictures with the two bodies combined.

We will discuss what works very well, what works somewhat well, and performance characteristics that are not as good as they may be for certain animal circumstances. Note that this is not one of my comprehensive evaluations; rather, the emphasis here is on how well the 7ii performed for me when I was photographing animals.

I have had a number of inquiries on the firmware version that I tested with. It was version 1.0 and 1.01 of the firmware. Keep in mind that I began testing as soon as these cameras were made available to the public.

Bear in mind that the 1.10 firmware did not offer anything useful for those who photograph wildlife, even if I was not using the most recent version of it (as of March 18th, 2021). This version was for RAW video, and it included improvements to eye tracking for individuals. Over the course of my time working with Nikon firmware, I’ve found that the company always sticks to its word on what it upgrades.

They would certainly boast about it if they had improved on other elements of it. (I believe that there are instances when wishful thinkers find “improvements” that aren’t there in non-repeatable “seat-of-the-pants” style testing – so be aware of such.) Therefore, the information presented in the film is correct with regard to animals.

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