How to Start with Landscape Photography Using Nikon Z7 II

When it comes to landscape photography, there is always something new to discover, a new method to try, or a fresh creative angle to explore. Check out this amazing video tutorial if you are new to the genre and are eager to get started. It will walk you through the fundamentals and get you up and running quickly.

This fantastic video instruction from Perea Photography will teach you all you need to know to begin taking landscape photos. If I could offer any aspiring landscape photographer advice, it would be to carry a lens with a longer focal length in addition to the typical 16-35mm or comparable option.

Wide-angle lenses are frequently the preferred instrument for landscape photography, but longer focal lengths may produce particularly intriguing and abstract photographs, so it’s crucial to try these out while you’re first finding your artistic voice. See the above video for a complete summary from Perea.

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