Seven Foundations of Composition All Nikon Z7 II Photographers and Filmmakers Must Master

One of the most important things that photographers and filmmakers need to understand is framing and composition. Before your next shot, be sure you have mastered these seven essentials.

No matter what kind of photography you produce, how you frame and compose your photographs will determine if your work is successful or unsuccessful. If you want to create powerful visuals, you must develop and have a solid understanding of what works in the frame.

Since it’s difficult to fix in post-production, there truly isn’t a shortcut for this. Fortunately, the team at B&H has condensed the essential principles of composition and frame into seven main areas, all of which are well worth looking at.

Leading lines, balancing items, symmetry, depth of field, distracting features, inventive framing, and the rule of thirds are just a few of the topics covered in the video. All of these ideas are clearly described and come with illustrations showing how to use them. I like the framing within a frame example because it’s a terrific method to direct the viewer’s attention in the direction you want it to go.

The concepts in this movie are equally as useful for us photographers even if it is mainly oriented toward filmmakers. You’ll notice that as a result of adding these compositional elements to your toolkit, your pictures become stronger and more aesthetically beautiful.

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