7 Nikon Z7 II camera settings that landscape photographers never use, according to professionals

Because the ideal configurations of gear vary depending on the type of work being done, it is essential to take the time to sit down with your camera and customize its settings so that they are appropriate for the tasks you will be performing.

In this useful video instruction, an experienced landscape photographer discusses seven camera settings that you should turn off in order to increase the quality of your photographs and make your process more effective.

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This excellent video instruction was created by Mark Denney and outlines seven camera settings that expert landscape photographers typically turn off. Keep in mind that camera picture styles can only be applied to JPEG images, as this is the only format supported by the camera.

If you are shooting in raw, which you certainly should be doing for landscape photography, then they will show up in the image preview; however, the raw file that you work on in post-processing will not be harmed in any way by these artifacts.

Because of this, they can be helpful for viewing a rough draft of a final image while shooting in the field; however, you must be sure that you are not shooting JPEGs. Even though it makes seeing the light without distractions more difficult, I frequently use a monochromatic profile because of how much simpler it is to see in that mode. Watch the video that’s been provided above to get the complete story from Denney.

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